Pay with your classic chronograph watch

The Timex Fairfield Contactless watch is the perfect fusion of style and functionality.

Adding wearable payment technology to this stylish timepiece allows it to be used to make easy, fast and secure payments without losing the design or style of a classic analogue watch.

The strap's technology is powered by bPay by Barclaycard and links to any Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card, registered in the UK, make it easier and quick to pay contactless in 490,000 locations across the UK.

activate your watch

Payment functionality is subject to application & acceptance of T&Cs. The bPay chip is valid for a minimum of two years. Upon expiry, the chip will not work for contactless payments.
Timex  watch
Founded in 1854, Timex is one of the largest high-quality wristwatch manufacturers in the world offering a variety of beautifully crafted watches, including traditional analogue pieces and modern digital designs.

Timex's new watch collection of the Fairfield Chronograph includes contactless payment straps hiding under the leather.

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connect bPay to your mobile

Connect the bPay mobile app with your contactless device for instant connectivity. When you spend, your mobile knows – easily track spending within your detailed activity tracker, top up on the go using any UK Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card and update your account settings whenever you need to. If you lose your device, it can be instantly blocked to keep your money safe and secure.

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