purchase terms and conditions

These terms (the Terms) apply to any purchase or order for prepaid Barclaycard bPay devices (bPay devices) you place through either our website (www.bpay.co.uk/shop) (Website) or from us in person.

Before you order a bPay device from our Website, you will be asked to agree to these Terms. If you refuse to accept these Terms, you will not be able to purchase a bPay device from our Website. If you are purchasing in person then by paying for your bPay device you are accepting these terms where they apply.

When the words “we", “us" and “our" are used in these Terms, this means Barclays Bank PLC 1234 Pavilion Drive Northampton NN4 7SG. Barclaycard is a trading name of Barclays Bank PLC.

You may contact the bPay team by filling in the contact form which can be found on the Help Centre section of our Website www.bPay.co.uk/help-centre
1. Acceptance of your online order

1.1 Please note that completing our online checkout process does not mean that your order has been accepted by us. We will send you an email acknowledging your order but our acceptance of your order and confirmation of the contract between you and us for the purchase of bPay devices (the Contract) will not take place until we send you an order dispatched email confirming that we have dispatched your bPay device (Order dispatched email).

1.2 Your order acknowledgement email which we will send to you at the point of purchase (Order acknowledgement email) will provide delivery details including the estimated delivery timeframe. This timeframe is subject to stock availability.

1.3 If we are unable to supply you with a bPay device (which may be because the bPay device you have requested is out of stock or no longer available) we will inform you of this by email. If you have already paid for your bPay device, we will refund you the full amount including any delivery costs charged as soon as possible.

2. Your right to cancel your Contract

2.1 You have the right to cancel this Contract within 28 days without giving any reason.

2.2 Your right to cancel your Contract starts from the date you purchase your device or of the Order dispatched email (the date on which we email you to confirm our acceptance of your order), which is when the Contract between us is formed. Your deadline for cancelling your Contract is 28 days after the day you receive delivery of your bPay device. You must send your request to cancel your Contract to by this deadline.

2.3 To cancel your Contract, you just need to clearly let us know that you have decided to cancel. The easiest way to do this is to fill in the online cancellation form which can be found on our Help Centre here www.bPay.co.uk/help-centre. You can also write to us without using the cancellation form, but please include full details of your order to help us to identify it.

3. Refunds

3.1 If you cancel your Contract within the 28 day cancellation period we will refund you the price you paid for the bPay device.

3.2 We will refund you as soon as practicable, and no later than the earlier of:

3.2.1 14 days after the day we receive your bPay device back from you; or

3.2.2 14 days after the day you provide evidence that you have returned your bPay device.
Clause 4 provides more information on returning your bPay device.

3.3 We will refund you on the credit card or debit card used by you to pay for your bPay device unless we have expressly agreed otherwise; in any event, we will not charge you any fees as a result of the refund.

4. Returning your bPay device; Warranty

4.1 If you have cancelled your Contract in accordance with clause 2 and your bPay device has already been delivered to you, or you bought it from us you must send your bPay device back to us, as soon as is practicable and in any event not later than 14 days from the day on which you cancel your Contract.

4.2 We are under a legal duty to supply bPay devices that are in conformity with these Terms. If you discover your bPay device is faulty or not as described, provided you return it to us within 6 months of the date of purchase or delivery, whichever is the later, we will refund the price of the bPay device in full.

4.3 Full details of our returns policy, including information on how to return your bPay device, can be found here www.bPay.co.uk/help-centre.

4.4 Nothing in these Terms will affect your legal rights in relation to bPay devices. For further information about your legal rights in the UK, contact Trading Standards or Citizen's Advice Bureau.

5. Price of products and delivery charges for online orders

5.1 The price of a bPay device will be as quoted at the time you submit your order and includes VAT if applicable at the current rate chargeable in the UK. If we change the price of a bPay device, this will not affect any order you have already placed.

5.2 The prices for bPay devices are listed on our Website. Delivery by second class post will be provided free of charge within the United Kingdom.

6. Delivery of online orders

6.1 Your Order dispatch email accepting your order will contain an estimated delivery date, which will be within 30 days from the date of your Order dispatch email. You can find out more about delivery here www.bPay.co.uk/help-centre. Delivery of an order shall be completed when we deliver your bPay device to the address you gave us and all risk in the bPay device shall pass to you on completion of delivery.

6.2 Title in the bPay device shall pass to you once we have received payment in full, including any applicable charges.

6.3. If we miss the 30 day delivery deadline for your bPay device, you may cancel your Contract immediately. Alternatively, if you do not want to cancel your Contract please contact us (using the contact details provided at the beginning of this terms) to discuss a new reasonable delivery deadline. If we fail to deliver your bPay device within the new delivery deadline we agree, you may also cancel your Contract.

6.4. If you choose to cancel your Contract under clause 6.3 because we have failed to deliver your bPay device on time, we will refund the price you paid to us for the bPay device. If the bPay device is delivered to you after you have exercised your right to cancel for failed or late delivery, you will need to return the bPay device to us. Full details of our returns policy, including information on how to return your bPay device, can be found here www.bPay.co.uk/help-centre .

6.5. Please note that we do not deliver to addresses outside the UK.

7. Our liability

7.1. We will supply your bPay device to you for personal use and you agree not to use the bPay device for any commercial or business purposes.

7.2. Other than in respect of matters for which we are unable to exclude our liability by law, our total liability to you in respect of all losses arising under or in connection with your purchase of your bPay device shall be limited to the price you paid for your bPay device and any applicable delivery and return costs.

7.3. Except as expressly stated in these Terms, we do not give any representation, warranties or undertakings in relation the bPay device and, to the fullest extent permitted by law, we hereby exclude any representation, condition or warranty which might be implied or incorporated into these Terms by law.

8. Variations to these terms

8.1. The Terms displayed on our website are the Terms currently in force. When you order a bPay device from us the current Terms on display at the time of your order will apply to the Contract between you and us. We reserve the right to change our Terms at any time without notice but if we change our Terms this will not affect the Terms of any order you have already placed for bPay devices.

9. How We Use Your Information (Privacy Notice)

9.1. For information on how we use your personal information, cookies and similar technologies when you purchase a bPay device from our Website, please see our privacy policy at www.bpay.co.uk/privacy-and-cookie-policy which is incorporated by reference into these Terms (“Privacy Policy"). Please read the Privacy Policy carefully before using the Website.

10. Other important terms

10.1. Each of the paragraphs of these Terms operates separately. If any court or relevant authority decides that any of them are unlawful or unenforceable, the remaining paragraphs will remain in full force and effect.

10.2. The terms of this agreement are governed by English law and subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. This agreement is in English and we will only communicate with you in English.

Cancellation Form

(Complete and return this form if you wish to withdraw from the Contract under Clause 2 of the Terms)
To: Barclays Bank PLC, bPay Division 1234 Pavilion Drive Northampton NN4 7SG
I hereby give notice that I cancel my contract of sale of bPay device(s),
Ordered on /received on:
Order number:____________________
Name and address of customer: