device privacy policy

bPay privacy policy

Please read this privacy policy carefully. In this policy “we", “us", “our" and “ours" means Barclays Bank UK PLC (and other companies in the Barclays group) and “you" means the person using this website, any related services and/or mobile phone application (“Site").

your personal information

By 'your information' we mean personal and financial information about you we collect, use, share and store. This may include contact, financial and account information and includes information we:

  • obtain from you or from third parties, such as employers, joint account holders, credit reference agencies (who may check the information against other databases, both public and private, they have access to), fraud prevention agencies or other organisations when you apply for a product or service, or at any other time, through any type of communication or means; verbal, written or electronic, including letters, calls, emails, websites (e.g. internet protocol (IP) address, cookies), applications, telephone systems (we may capture automatically and use any telephone number you call us from), registrations, research, promotions and competitions or through accounts or products you previously had with us; and
  • learn from the way you use and manage your account, from the transactions you make such as the date, amount, currency and the name and type of supplier you use (e.g. travel, supermarket or medical services) and from the payments which are made to your account.

If you download our bPay mobile application, it may contain additional requests for your consent to the use of your information. For example we may also use data which identifies your location (such as your GPS position), where you have provided this as a preference or you have consented to either us or others, to be able to use your mobile device or other means to identify your location.

When we collect information we may use cookies and other similar technologies (“cookies"). By using the Site, you have agreed to our use of cookies. You can read more about cookies in the “Cookies and similar technologies" section below.

information you provide us about other people

When you give us someone else's personal information in connection with your registration, use of the Site, or any transactions for products and services, you must ensure that you have obtained his / her consent for the information to be disclosed to and used by us and other companies in the Barclays Group, as described in this privacy policy and it may be recorded and considered with your information.

how we use your personal information

We will collect, use, share and store your information:

  • to administer and manage your application, account, and any payments you make or services or experiences you access using your bPay device, provide you with products and services and inform you about any changes to them;
  • for assessment, testing (including systems tests) and analysis, including behaviour scoring, statistical, market and product analysis in order to generate statistical reports to be shared internally or externally with non-Barclays companies for their own purposes. The information in these reports is aggregated and will not contain any information that identifies you;
  • to prevent, detect and prosecute money laundering, fraud and other crimes;
  • to improve the accuracy of our records;
  • to develop and improve our services to you and other customers;
  • to respond to your inquiries or complaints;
  • to carry out checks or other work to meet our obligations to any regulatory authority;
  • to identify and inform you by letter, telephone (including automated dialling, digital television), text messages or electronically about products and services (including those of others) which may be of interest to you, unless you tell us not to contact you about these;
  • to manage and provide any rewards and offers and administer any promotions and competitions; and
  • in any other ways described in these terms and conditions or notified to you from time to time.

We may use automated processes when we use your information for any of the purposes listed in these terms and conditions.

who we can share your information with

We will keep your information confidential but we may share it with the following (who are also required to keep it secure and confidential):

  • other Barclays companies
  • other companies who provide a service to you, such as where you use your bPay device to make a payment or access an event or event experience;
  • any company we are providing services with or whose name or logo appears on your bPay device;
  • our service providers and agents (including their sub-contractors); and
  • anyone to whom we transfer or may transfer our rights and duties in these terms and conditions.
In addition, we can share your information:

  • with UK and overseas regulators and authorities in connection with their duties (such as crime prevention) – for example, because the way certain payments work means the regulator or authority may be able to access payment details (including information about others involved in the payment). In instructing us to make payments you agree to this for yourself and others involved in your payments;
  • with any third party after a restructure, sale or acquisition of any Barclays company, as long as that person uses your information for the same purposes as it was originally given to us or used by us (or both); and
  • if we have a duty to disclose it, if it is required for the management of your accounts or a law or regulation allows us to do so, for legitimate business purposes, or with your consent.

When we share information with organisations in another country, we will ensure they agree to apply equivalent levels of protection as we do or, if this is not possible (for example because we are required by law to disclose information), we will ensure the sharing of that information is lawful.

We may offer you the opportunity to participate in event experiences, which may allow you to share the event experience by linking your bPay device to services operated by others, such as Facebook or Twitter. If you link your bPay device to these services, we will share event experience information with these services where you ask or allow us to, for example to enable status updates or photos to be posted. Use of and sharing on services operated by others is subject to their terms and conditions, which may differ from the terms of this privacy policy.

cookies and similar technologies

We may use cookies and similar technologies on our websites and in our emails. Cookies are very small text files that may be stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website or enable images or click on a link in an email. These technologies do many different things, such as letting you navigate between web pages efficiently and remembering your preferences. In emails they help us to understand whether you have opened the email and how you have interacted with it. Our websites give you more information on these technologies, how and where we use them and how you can control them.

your right to opt-out

You must tell us by logging into your account online or via the app if you don't want us or other members of the Barclays group to tell you about other products and services. It would help us if you give us your bank details and the numbers of any Barclays group cards, insurance, unit trust and other accounts or policies. When we send you marketing communications by e-mail or SMS, you will always be given the opportunity to “unsubscribe" or “stop".

managing your information

You can ask us for a copy of the information we keep about you. A fee may be charged for this service.

If you believe that any information we hold about you is incorrect or incomplete, you should write to us immediately and we will correct it promptly.

You agree that we may record and/or monitor calls between us in the interest of security, for quality control and to ensure better customer servicing, staff training and account operation.

We will retain information about you after the closure of your account for as long as permitted for legal, regulatory, fraud prevention and legitimate business purposes.

We may give you further details about how we use your personal information from time to time. You can always find the most up-to-date bPay privacy policy at