what is bPay?

bPay is a contactless payment service that uses a pre-paid account that can be linked to most major credit or debit cards – you don't need to bank with Barclays or have a Barclaycard.

bPay could be helpful if you have dexterity problems, sight loss or dyslexia. It works just like a contactless card – just tap your bPay device on the contactless reader to pay for anything £30 and under.

You can also use our mobile app or online account servicing to instantly track your spending. You can also use it to top up your bPay account on the go, so you always have money in your account.

If you get a bPay device and would like your welcome pack and chip ID in braille, large print or audio, please email your full name, phone number and order number to

what our customers have to say

Customers have been telling us that bPay is useful in a range of ways. People with dexterity and mobility requirements, sight loss and dyslexia have found bPay has made making a payment simpler for them. Consider how bPay could make contactless payments easier for you or your family. Take a look below at what our customers have told us.

"My son absolutely LOVES his bPay! His support worker tells me that they engage in chats with people about the technology when out and about so it's serving two purposes really well – enabling transactions and also enhancing social communication opportunities."
ASD and Dexterity Impairment
"I love the freedom the wristband gives me because I don't have to worry about sorting out money in shops."
Blind Customer
"I just used my wristband for the first time and it left the counter staff stunned and amazed. The ease of use and the simplicity of it. This product will help me no end."
Wheelchair User with Sight Loss
"The fact you can wear it on your wrist and don't have to fumble around in your bag looking for your purse to get out your card made it much easier to use. I will carry on using it especially as I am disabled and have problems with both my hands."
Physically Disabled

making our services more accessible

We want our products to be available to everyone - that's why we’ve tried to make it easier to manage your account, contact us and view our site, if you have, or are affected by a health condition, impairment or disability.

bPay online account servicing

It's a free, flexible and secure online service that will help you manage your account. You can access your balance, check your latest transactions, and top up your account. You can also use secure messaging to contact us. It's like email but it's within your bPay so it's completely private and secure.


You can email us at to get in touch quickly and easily.

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If you use assistive software and are having problems using our site, please let us know so we can try and get this resolved for you.

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