making our services more accessible

We want our products to be available to everyone - that's why we’ve tried to make it easier to manage your account, contact us and view our site, if you have, or are affected by a health condition, impairment or disability.

bPay online account servicing

It's a free, flexible and secure online service that will help you manage your account. You can access your balance, check your latest transactions, and top up your account. You can also use secure messaging to contact us. It's like email but it's within your bPay so it's completely private and secure.


You can email us at to get in touch quickly and easily.

using our site with a screen reader

To make sure you're able to use our site with assistive technology including screen readers, we've tested each page for its text browsing and keyboard capability.

If you use assistive software and are having problems using our site, please let us know so we can try and get this resolved for you.

to view our website you need JavaScript

Like most websites, ours uses JavaScript to deliver a rich viewing experience. We have tested our pages for JavaScript accessibility when using assistive technology. If you do not have JavaScript turned on you will be prompted to do so. You can also access JavaScript from your Programmes or Applications.